About Meikle Financial Group

Meikle Financial is a Phoenix-based wealth management firm founded by Bill Meikle in 1969. We’re dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and delivering trust, transparency and accountability to ensure you have a personal experience with your advisor. Our mission is to make our client’s financial lives easier.


Who We Are

Our History: The Story Behind Meikle Financial Group

The “firm” was started in 1969, when Bill Meikle, Dail’s father, retired from the Air Force. He was a pilot and flew fighters & bombers for 13 years, and although he loved flying, he was ready to begin the next chapter of his life. The family settled in Phoenix and Bill began working for New York Life Insurance Company, selling insurance. Bill had grown up in Winslow, Arizona, so made many trips there to work with his friends that still lived there. He also continued earning his Air Force pension by flying tankers for the Air National Guard.

During the early years, Bill had an associate that convinced him of the value of “buying term insurance and investing the difference”. He left New York Life and opened his own office, practicing what would eventually be called “financial planning”. “William D. Meikle & Associates” eventually settled on 23rd Avenue and Northern in Phoenix. Bill worked for many years with just one assistant. In 1983 Dail joined the firm, and over the years the firm grew.

In 1997 Bill retired from the business, and in 2001 Dail left the office on Northern and moved to the Deer Valley Financial Center on 19th Avenue and Williams. When he moved, he had an assistant, Diana Carriger, who was instrumental in the move and helped shape the firm in the first years after the move. In the years since, the firm has grown to 5 full-time and 1 part time employee. The firm serves over 600 households, many of which have become great friends in the years of association.

Core Values

We are a business that is deeply rooted in family values. We feel that the family is and always has been the fundamental unit of society. While a family can be complicated, it should be a place of support and comfort. Of course, strong families don’t just happen – they take work and shared family values. Everyone is part of a family, even if we no longer have “blood” relations in our lives. We have those around us that we love and that love us, and we get strength from those relationships.

We feel that when sharing our hopes and dreams with someone, we have the right to honest feedback – not “solutions” that are driven by the other persons pocketbook. We want and need honesty, respect and the full attention of the person so that our goals can be achieved and we can live fuller lives.

We at Meikle Financial Group fully understand that sharing the details of our finances with anyone is difficult. We’ll always treat you and the information you share with us with the utmost respect and confidentiality. As a member of our “family”, you should expect nothing less.