A Lesson in Revenue

Now that we’re in the season of the government proposing its budget for the year, I suggest it’s a good time for a simple lesson on revenue. I know, exciting! It seems that so many feel that the “rich” should pay their fair share, without ever defining what that fair share is. Is it 30%? …

De-Stressing in a Stressful World

We all experience stress to one degree or another.  Stressors take many forms, whether from choices we make – giving a speech or preparing for an exam, or from situations outside of our control, like the economy or world events.  Carrying stress can lead to health problems, especially with …

Drawing Life Lessons from Funerals: How Planning for the End Can Make the Journey More Fulfilling

By Dail Meikle   Have you ever attended a funeral? Well, of course you have.

How a Parable Helped Me Better Guide My Clients

How different are you from your best friend? How about your sibling? Coworker? People are unique, that’s what makes the world fun. People have different life journeys, different likes, different laughs.

Bringing Things to Your Door with Financial Planning Technology

I’ve done some google searches on this quote, and even though there are a number of variations of it, no one really knows who said it first. Some credit it to Sir Austen Chamberlain in 1936, but even he said it was told to him by a Chinese diplomat.

Business professional using his tablet to check his financial numbers

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