Bruce Eisenhauer

Executive Assistant Registered Representative

(623) 869-7222


Bruce EisenhauerBruce joined Meikle Financial Group full time in September of 2001. He has been in the financial industry for more than almost two decades. He has also been preparing personal tax returns for 2 decades. Bruce is security and insurance registered and specializes in retirement planning, money management, and tax planning.

Prior to Meikle Financial Group Bruce worked in Clinical Pharmacy at the VA Hospital in Phoenix, and is a Veteran of the US Navy. He was born in Virginia but raised in Orange Park, Florida, which he considers home.

Bruce currently resides in North Phoenix with his wife, Lorene. Lorene works for DermaDoctor as a Regional Coordinator. They have 3 children. Aleina is the oldest and a graduate of Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah, with a degree in history. Aleina is married to Richard Winger who is currently serving our country in the US Navy. They have a beautiful daughter, Sedona, Next is Bruce Jr who recently graduated from Southern Virginia University with a liberal arts degree. Bubba, as we call him, is married to the former Laura Sowell whom he met at school in Virginia. Laura is a local school teacher and like Richard, Bubba too is serving our country, as an Officer in the US Army. Last but not least is Hunter who is married to Torey (Keen) and they have a beautiful little boy named Bruce Torin. They reside in North Phoenix as well. Hunter works in IT for Fedex and part-time for Monster Energy and Torrey is an International Flight Attendant for United Airlines.

Bruce spends a good deal of time working for his church in various capacities as well as participating in community service. He has been involved in coaching youth sports for a number of years and still enjoys following up with those that he has coached through the years. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling with Lorene, family time, and being a grandpa!

Bruce has several passions, including cooking, riding his Harley, bow hunting, and family.

Getting to know Bruce

Favorite Food: Cajun/ Crawfish Etoufee’, Gumbo, and Jambalaya

Favorite quote: “Be Fiercely Loyal to one another” Gordon B Hinckley (It is our family motto)

Best piece of financial advice received: Be debt free!

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite movie: Home movies

Hidden talent: Cooking

If Bruce could meet anyone, it would be: Lt Michael P. Murphy (Navy Seal) Medal of Honor Recipient

What motivates Bruce: Family

Place Bruce would most like to visit: Germany

Favorite book: Resilience

Something on Bruce’s bucket list: Traveling the world with Lorene.

Biggest accomplishment: Marrying Lorene! Way out of my league!

Bruce’s favorite outdoor activity: Hunting/Riding his motorcycle

Chore Bruce absolutely hates doing: Painting

Bruce’s favorite form of exercise: Lifting weights with his boys or hiking with his wife.

If Bruce could choose anyone, who he would pick as his mentor he would choose his father & father-in-law.

If Bruce could learn to do anything, he would play guitar.

If Bruce won the lottery, the first thing he would do is buy a ranch with therapy horses and start a family foundation.