How Traveling to Alaska Helped Give Me the Perspective I Needed During the Pandemic

By Bruce Eisenhauer- Executive Assistant Registered Rep

I recently took a short trip to Alaska with my wife to visit our son who just returned from a 13-month deployment. He was able to take time off but was not allowed to leave the state.

We were all frustrated because of the restrictions that this current pandemic environment has placed on us – especially in the moment that directly impacted our family. We did some research and found out we could perhaps travel to see him instead of him being able to come home. It was a bit difficult to navigate but I’m happy to say that we were able to go for the visit.

I’ve always wanted to visit Alaska because it has always intrigued me. I’ve always wanted to test myself against the elements. Kind of a modern-day pioneer, I guess.

Alaska is tremendously beautiful. Just when you think you can never see any scenery more beautiful you turn a corner and it seems even prettier yet.

It is also a tough, unforgiving landscape with what can be constant drastic weather changes and miles of no cell signals or even other people or civilization. Not to mention that there are animals that could easily put you on their dinner menu. Yikes!

But, after such a long time apart, it was incredible to catch up with our son and decompress with him a little bit.


Broadening Our World

We met a few people he served with and who already knew many stories of us from the many hours that they had spent together getting to know each other. Being there put things into perspective for me.

Have you ever:

  • Joined in a conversation with someone who lives or lived in another country
  • Traveled to another country that has rougher living conditions than you experience
  • Or, took a road trip to a different state?

All of those can result in gaining a new perspective and even help us appreciate how much we were blessed to either be born in this country or to have immigrated to it – helping us gain a love for what we have and what so many have sacrificed to provide us. Only asking us to not mess it up and make their efforts in vain.


Reflecting in Alaska

During my time in Alaska, I found that Alaska was conducive to reflection and taking in the beauty of our surroundings.

I was often deep in thought that such a place could exist amongst the hustle and bustle of the lower 48. As I am writing this, vehicle after vehicle travels down the road outside my window in a non-stop flow of people trying to get to their next destination as quickly as possible.

It is not even a main street in our city, but it is busy nonetheless. What if we slowed down and enjoyed our city, nature, home and community a little bit more?

In Alaska, I saw communities that made do with what they have and what is naturally available to them. They relied on their own ingenuity and that of their neighbors.

They did not have all the latest and greatest available technology or equipment but what they did have was tried-and-true methods and equipment that worked well and were dependable in their sometimes unforgiving environment.

It was refreshing to see.

People were trusting in their ability and their communities and not in what they hoped someone would do or the promises that someone made to get elected or generate votes.


Bringing these Lessons Home

As the election approaches, I will vote for who I think will do the best job for our country, but I will not live my life based on hope from the promises of others. Instead, I will live by those principles that have been tried-and-true and do what is best for my family and community.

I’m especially thankful for the people – outside of obvious friends and family – who are experts in fields other than my own and help me achieve the goals and vision I have. It’s nice to have others outside your industry adding different perspectives and helping each other be prepared for what life throws at us.

In most cases, the relationship started through a referral from someone who we are close to and trust. We all want to surround ourselves with people we trust – and many clients want and need that as well.

I know for me and my co-workers at Meikle Financial Group, we take it as a huge compliment when we receive a referral from an existing client.

It shows tremendous confidence in our team and services. It also provides familiarity and ease of communication because they already know a little about us and us about them.


Satisfied Clients are Our Best Advertisement

The pandemic has changed a lot of things, but it has also given us permission to gain new perspectives. Whether you want to do that by safely traveling, connecting with friends and family, or simply just slowing down to take in the beauty around you, stay safe and don’t give up.

Some quick advice:

  • Rely on your own instincts and those who have earned your trust
  • Share their name with people you care about: creating a bigger support circle or professional network
  • Find the good
  • Vote wisely, but do not make plans on or hang your hat on campaign promises
  • Ponder those things which are good and try to dwell in good places
  • Continue to show the resilience that you have already shown as we go forward to navigate these unprecedented times
  • And, last but not least, get some fresh air.


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