Living Life as Opposed to Simply Existing

Living Life as Opposed to Simply Existing

By Bruce Eisenhauer Financial Advisor

When I take the time to think about the people who have had a most profound impact on my life, I realize that they all have some commonalities. They all strive to help others, and they all live life to the fullest.

Years ago, I was in the midst of my father’s passing from cancer. I had volunteered to coach a youth football league, but with my father’s health rapidly deteriorating, I made the decision to travel to Florida to be with my family – which was right around the same time that the football season was starting.

A Coach Steps Up

My assistant coach, who didn’t have the opportunity to attend coach meetings beforehand like I did, stepped up and took care of everything in that first week of the season. He simply told me to take care of my family and he would handle the team until I could return. His willingness to take over provided me comfort in a very difficult time and showed me the type of person I wanted to be for other people. Our family’s friendship has spanned decades with us supporting each other through all the life events that our families have had. Both good and bad, we have been there to support each other. His wife recently passed away, but she left behind a legacy of caring and compassion that I will always remember. She had always been a person who lifted everyone around her and made you feel better about the world knowing she was in it.

How to Live Life to the Fullest

My friend lived life to the maximum. Every gathering was a party. Every conversation, a pep talk. She ensured everyone around her was comfortable. She had a knack for bringing people out of their shells.

Whenever she experienced hardships, she pushed through without complaint, even when given ample opportunities from her friends to vent. She had such a love and desire for life. She didn’t simply exist. She lived! I cannot think of a better example of her legacy to leave all of us.

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