What Does “Find Your Freedom” Mean to You?

By Bruce Eisenhauer, Financial Advisor


Our partnership recently rolled out a new brand promotion, entitled “Find Your Freedom.”  As we attended our annual conference, I started to ponder what “Find Your Freedom” means to me. I think it is a great question and it takes on many angles and beliefs.

One of the things that struck me was how diverse the answers were among the conference attendees.  There were the

  • “How blessed we are to live in a country where we have the freedom to choose.”
  • “Being able to give back to all who have given to me.”
  • “Having all the money I need.”
  • …and everything in between.

All of these were good answers that resonated with me, but I also felt it was maybe more than that. When they say, “Find Your Freedom,” it implies something that I do not yet have, something that I am striving for, something that having a plan in place as I pursue/work toward it would bring me confidence.

Finding My Freedom

I put in some time thinking about what is important to me. what would be important to me in the future and finding that elusive freedom I mentioned earlier. I think wanting happiness for ourselves and our family is always at the top part of every wish list.

My family and I are happiest when we are together and when we are doing things to help others. I thought about having the time and means to constantly help others – and about having the freedom to make the best choice in a situation and not having those choices drastically limited based on means or abilities.

I reflected upon our family motto, which is, “Be fiercely loyal to one another.” How do we continue to live that and instill that as our family continues to grow?  Our kids have married, and we have new family members and our grandkids – how do we continue that legacy?  While I do not believe that everything within a family can be perfect, I do believe that we can always be there for one another, and especially in times of need.

Freedom in Protecting the Family

We can strive to build each other up, help each other out, and provide guidance and strength for each other through love and compassion. I also think about having the means and ability to protect our family if need be.  I think part of that freedom would be land that is owned by our family, separate from the homes we own now.  It would be our own little piece of freedom here within our country.

I am thankful to live in a free country and that is a blessing that I do not take lightly. My family recognizes that blessing they have taken the time to acknowledge that by supporting and defending this great country through being productive citizens and military service. So, that part of finding my freedom came as a birthright, as it has for many of us.

Happiness Is Freedom

We find happiness as a family through supporting and sustaining each other by being fiercely loyal to one another and continuing that legacy through the future generations of our family. Freedom is the means and ability to help others through a family foundation that targets individuals or families who are in need and by giving them a hand in managing their struggles. My freedom is also to have a targeted amount of land for our family that will be a haven and place of peace for many generations to come – a legacy of family first and an ability to use our strengths to help others.

What Does “Find Your Freedom” Mean to You?

So, I now ask you to think about, what does “Find Your Freedom” mean to you? I am so blessed to be able to help clients and potential clients unlock answers to this question by putting together a clear plan to pursue their wanted freedoms to become reality. That is what Meikle Financial Group is dedicated to doing for you. We are a family serving families.

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