Finding the Calm in Chaos

By Bruce Eisenhauer- Executive Assistant, Registered Rep

To say that this has been a weird year would obviously be an understatement.

Our normal may never return to the pre-pandemic “normal” that we enjoyed but we are seeing signs of coming out the other side of this craziness.

This pandemic has allowed me an ample amount of time to reflect on our lives.

I have watched what I believe to be the most productive, resourceful and proud country be reduced in some ways to less productive, less resourceful and very divided in our efforts.

The Worst of Times

It seems as though fear and the extreme thoughts and actions of some have taken over the influence of many. It becomes a mob mentality of sorts.

You see it when someone in a grocery store does not have a mask and everyone starts to gang up on that person and it seems to escalate quickly. Not justifying the person without the mask’s actions but not the most civil way to handle it either.

We saw a large sell-off in the markets and a panic over medical equipment and supplies. Rumors tend to run rampant and grow legs only to be disproven quickly but, in some cases, not before damage is done.

Politically, we have some big divisive personalities that are mainstream and promoting fear seems to be a big weapon of all political parties during this time.

This can be extremely frustrating, but it can happen in the world we live in today. Lots of people have lost their jobs, kids can’t attend school, in some cases we can’t get the staples that we need at home. However, the fact that families have lost loved ones, children, parents, grandparents and mentors of many is the worst part.

The Best of Us

I apologize for dwelling on negatives up until this point of the blog, but these are the feelings of many due to the current state we are in. Let’s add some positivity and perspective.

So, how do we stay calm in these trying times?

When I was a young man, I had a coach who talked to me about stepping up and being a leader even though I was younger than my teammates. He counseled me to start with how I carried myself – to be positive and to never take plays or drills off.

Be willing to go the extra distance when asked or needed.

He said, “dare to be different,” and finally that I may look around at times and the only person who I would be leading was me but soon others would gravitate to me.

He was right.

By not feeding into the complaining of another sprint or re-running a play for the 10th straight time, and giving it my all every time, the older members of my team started to gravitate to me and trust me – including the original leaders of that team.

It took time and I did look around sometimes and realize the only one I was leading was myself. I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t feel odd at times, but most importantly, it also felt right.

As a father and a coach, I have used this example many times – especially with my children.

I would tell them to “dare to be different” and to make their own decision, not just what everyone else was doing. I also encouraged them to lead, even if it were only themselves.

And now I’m suggesting it to you.

Find Your Calm

Just like in our new “normal,” we have to trust the process and find strength and calm in the financial plan we have put together for ourselves and our family. Life does not come without challenges and hardships.We all face uncertainty, heartbreak, loss of friends and family – in addition to jobs, careers, assets and relationships.

How do we come back from those things or stay grounded in those moments?

We use our faith, our common sense, our relationships, our resources, and ultimately the greatest personal asset, which is us.

How many times have we thought, “I don’t know what I’m going to do or how I’m going to overcome this?” We look back on those times and draw strength from the fact that we did deal with it and overcome it.

In talking to our clients it has become clear to me that they trust the plan that we have in place for them and it is both satisfying and humbling to know that we can provide a little calm during this storm.

Remember to find your center and to lead (even if it’s just yourself) during this time.

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