Head Up, Wheels Down – Whether You’re Riding a Motorcycle or Making a Financial Plan

By Bruce Eisenhauer

Most people who know me know that I ride a motorcycle. It’s a family passion and both of my boys ride too. Although it doesn’t happen as much now as it once did, because of careers and family obligations, there are few things I enjoy more than riding with them. We’ve had some amazing rides and memories which will last a lifetime.

I really look forward to my time on my bike, listening to music, pondering life and recharging my batteries. There is something so peaceful about feeling the wind, and experiencing the sounds, sunshine and scenery when you are on your motorcycle.

Ride Aware

Of course, there are also the inherit dangers that come with operating any vehicle which I’m fully aware of. I’m still amazed with how many people text and drive even after all the statistics we have showing how dangerous it is. I’ve seen everything from reading an actual book (not an audiobook), working on a computer, putting on make-up and playing games on their phones while driving.

There is definitely a shift in awareness when I start my bike and prepare for a ride. I feel like I become much more in tune with my surroundings. I have a heightened sense of awareness. Not only for me and my bike but all the other traffic on the road, as well as the road itself. I’m constantly scanning for potholes or debris that could be an issue as well as what all other drivers are doing around me.

I try to have a planned route that I’m familiar with, which gives me the confidence and clarity to ride comfortably. Sometimes construction or accidents cause me to detour, and I need to plan when and where it’s safe to get back on the planned route.

While I like to tinker with my bike and do small maintenance myself, I leave the big repairs or things that can cost me my life (if done incorrectly) to professional mechanics. I understand that is not my expertise. Again, it provides me with that confidence.


Finance Aware

I’m reminded of some of the discussions I have with clients and their feelings about investing and financial planning. They are often unsure of the traffic around them, potholes in the road, or choosing a safe route.

When I ride, I know that open space is my friend. I need open space from the dangers of traffic and congestion where things can get confusing and it becomes harder to predict or react to the drivers around me. When there is a lack of space, my vision of the road and potential hazards are diminished. To get the space I need, I have to adjust by speeding up or slowing down. Just the right modulation gives me that cushion of space that lets me ride free and comfortable.

The investment markets can be similar in discerning when you should adjust your position, and be aggressive and faster or pull back and slow down. When do you need to detour from the route and at what point is it safe for you to get back on?

Just as you need awareness when riding a bike, even more so than a car, so you need that awareness in financial planning. You need to be aware that you’re not trying to win a race, but trying to plan with clarity and responsiveness to your surroundings.


Riding (and Planning) With Confidence

These are reasons it’s important to align yourself with someone you can develop a relationship with, who you know has your best interest at heart. You need a fiduciary that puts your needs, goals, and objectives before their own. A trusted advisor can help you plan your financial future and help you know when it is best to be aggressive or dial back a bit. They can also help you find a detour when life happens and then help you to get back on the preferred route again.

This is where your financial clarity and confidence can be found. Having a plan that allows you to feel the wind, listen to music, enjoy the sights, sunshine and scenery of your life and the goals and objectives you have set for your family. Awareness in financial planning will help you go toward those destinations with safety and equanimity.

If you ride a motorcycle my wish is that you keep your head up and your wheels down. If you don’t ride, please be aware of those who do and be on the lookout for those on motorcycles who share the road with you.

Always look for and take advantage of those opportunities to get the centered confidence you deserve in life to allow you to enjoy each adventure to its fullest. Let’s talk today about a plan that can give you freedom to enjoy today.


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