Stressors of Retirement

By Bruce Eisenhauer, Financial Advisor I’ve recently met with people who are contemplating retirement within the next few months – some by choice and design and some who are facing retirement (or the prospect of starting a new career) because their jobs were outsourced. And though these peo …

What Does “Find Your Freedom” Mean to You?

By Bruce Eisenhauer, Financial Advisor   Our partnership recently rolled out a new brand promotion, entitled “Find Your Freedom.”  As we attended our annual conference, I started to ponder what “Find Your Freedom” means to me. I think it is a great question and it takes on many angles …

Living Life as Opposed to Simply Existing

Living Life as Opposed to Simply Existing By Bruce Eisenhauer Financial Advisor When I take the time to think about the people who have had a most profound impact on my life, I realize that they all have some commonalities. They all strive to help others, and they all live life to the fullest.

As Holidays Near, a Reminder That Being Kind is Free

By Bruce Eisenhauer   To say it has been a year of difficulties would be true, but a bit of an understatement. We have experienced a lot of division, miscommunication, misinformation and purposefully misleading statements by people of power, as well as big businesses pushing their agendas.

Cuddle Bag Project

Cuddle Bag Project for OCJ Kids was a Success!   With your help we were able to make 40 Cuddle Bags for children who are being placed in foster care.   Thank you!   Our goal next year is to make 60 Cuddle Bags in July. 15 Bags for toddler girls 15 Bags for toddler …

What to Expect in Your First Meeting with Meikle Financial Group

How to Clarify Your “Why” For Your Finances and Your Life

Bruce Eisenhauer- Financial Advisor When you hear someone mention their why, what comes to mind for you? Is it your purpose, your inspiration, the very thing that gets you up in the morning? Is it possible to have multiple whys? Do you have a why for work? For family? For hobbies? A why for …

How to Practice Gratitude, Even After a Difficult Year

When the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic began, time seemed to stand still. Yet here we are at the beginning of the holiday season. So many people have lost their jobs, been forced to work at home, and felt isolated. Children have tried to home school, go back to school, divide be …

How Traveling to Alaska Helped Give Me the Perspective I Needed During the Pandemic

I recently took a short trip to Alaska with my wife to visit our son who just returned from a 13-month deployment. He was able to take time off but was not allowed to leave the state.

Finding the Calm in Chaos

To say that this has been a weird year would obviously be an understatement. Our normal may never return to the pre-pandemic “normal” that we enjoyed but we are seeing signs of coming out the other side of this craziness. This pandemic has allowed me an ample amount of time to reflect on our lives.

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